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Candle Filter

At, Mangalbhai & Brothers, our range of candle filters are most suitable in industrial process plants for filtration of solids from free-flowing liquids. We supply a wide range of candle filters of different filtration efficiencies, element designs, sizes, and in different kinds of porous metal filter media useful for different industrial applications. We supply candle filters with diverse specifications to accomplish the needs of our customers.

Unique Features of Candle Filters:

Its unique features comprise hassle-free assembly & disassembly, wide filtration area, broad filtration efficiency, extended on-stream life, high holding capacity, cost-effective and many others.

Advantages of Candle Filters:

Our premium quality candle filters offer various advantages such as hygienic and secure operation, fast turnaround time, environment-friendly, longer run time, trouble-free and clean operation, excellent capacity of cake holding, flexible rating of filtration, operator safety, efficient blow back and many more.

Application of Candle Filters:

There are different application areas where candle filters are used such as for carbon removal, brine clarification, vegetable oil filtration, charcoal removal, oil filtration and many more applications. It can be used for medium support and direct filtration. The capacity of filtration can be changed easily by changing the number of candle filters to get the necessary filter area.

Candle Filters are used in different industries such as:
  • Automobile Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Oil Industry
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry and many others

We supply standard size candle filters as well as custom specified candle filters where high mechanical strength & durability, heat resistance, chemical resistance are required.

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Candle Filter

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